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“To accelerate the development of new drugs that are effective and safe for the treatment of cancer in children”.

aPODD is a registered charity focused on drug development for treating childhood cancer, an area that is largely ignored.

Drug discovery and cancer research have progressed dramatically over the past decades. Based on improved understanding, better and more targeted drugs are being developed for adult cancers. Unfortunately, very few programmes for childhood cancers are begun, and “new generation” drugs developed for adults are rarely evaluated in childhood cancers. On the few occasions when this does happen and drugs are approved for use on children, it is many years after approval for use in adult diseases. 

Children therefore gain very limited benefit from current drug development. Without newer, better drugs to treat childhood cancers, too many children will continue to die of cancer throughout the world.

aPODD was founded to address this; we are an international patient-led organisation working with academia, children’s hospitals and industry to accelerate the development of better drugs against childhood cancers. Our efforts will lead to more drugs being studied for childhood cancers and, eventually, more drugs approved for use in children. Better drugs will mean many more children will be cured.

We target childhood cancer because children are our future, and every child deserves one.

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More ambitious collaborative models are needed - Open Letter
We often hear from childhood cancer charities calls for deeper and wider collaborations among key stakeholders. I fully agree that collaborations are beneficial but I do feel that we must further...
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paediatric oncology facts

Childhood cancers statistics

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for children in the developed world,

More than 1,500 children are diagnosed with cancer very year in the UK and most of them will be treated with old cytotoxic drugs that may bring to the lucky long term sruvivors severe side ffects late in life.

Newer, better drugs are not specifically developed for children.

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