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11 October 2016

aPODD to present at SIOP2016 in Dublin

aPODD chairman, Cesare Spadoni, will attend the upcoming SIOP2016 conference, the leading global event for the whole paediatric oncology community. The conference will take place in Dublin on Oct 19-22. On this occasion, Cesare will deliver an oral presentation of a poster co-authored by David Pardoe, Head of Growth Projects at the Medical Research Council Technology (MRCT). aPODD and MRCT are currently working together to establish and launch an innovative global consortium for...
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8 May 2015

aPODD to attend the 6th CCI European Regional Meeting

aPODD to present at the 6th CCI (formerly ICCCPO) Meeting will be held in Malmoe (Sweden) on May 8-10, 2015. The tile of the presentation will be: The role of parents'organisation in childhood cancer drug development


The meeting will gather a high number of childhood cancer organisations across Europe and beyond. This meeting is hosted by “Barncancerfonden Södra”. Holly Wattwill and her team, welcome all parents organisattion in Malmö. The CCI Europe Regional meeting itself will start on Friday, 8th of May 2015 at 4.00pm and will last till Sunday, 10th of May 2015 (around 1.30 am with lunch).

The preliminary list of topics is as follows:

  • SIOPE & Pancare updates - “Towards a European Pediatric Cancer Plan”
    Gilles Vassal, SIOP Europe president
    Lars Hjorth, chairman of PanCare
  • CCI news & report from PPAC (Parents and Patients Advocacy Committee)
  • Teenager and Adolescents (speakers from UK are invited)
  • Research and New medicines (Updates)
  • For Survivors: Aimilia Tsirou and Neira Kameri? will organize a session for survivors representatives

Full details of the event are available on the CCI's website:



2 April 2015

aPODD to present at CRDN Launch Event

The Cambridge Rare Disease Network (CRDN) invited aPODD's Chairman, Cesare Spadoni to speak at thei launch event wiht the title "To cure one child: Parent Entrepreneurship in rare diseases", taking place on Thursday April 2, 2015

aPODD will present alongside other patients organisations describing how they set up research and developemtn enterprisew to cure their children.

The event will take place at Cambridge Judge Business School and a full house is expected. All details can be found at the linlk below:



18 November 2013

BDA workshop - "Improving Oncology Drug Development for Children and Adolescents"

aPODD will attend this meeting, which is organised by the Biotherapy Development Association (BDA), a non-profit organisation with the mission is to provide a unique platform to facilitate interactions between all stakeholders: academia, regulatory authorities, the pharmaceutical industry, patient advocates and policymakers in order to improve the efficiency of cancer drug development.

The meeting will first address where we are at year 5 of the European Paediatric Regulation in the field of oncology and will follow up on the actions proposed during the first BDA meeting in December 2011.

Discussions will be focused on three major topics of interest for the future:

  • Mechanism-of-action and biology driven development of oncology drugs for children and adolescent
  • Partnerships for improving cooperation between stakeholders
  • Novel designs and development plans to speed up introduction of new drugs in standard care

paediatric oncology facts

Childhood cancers statistics

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for children in the developed world, with the global incidence projected to increase dramatically over the next decades. Despite cure rates of 70-80% for many cancers, a subset of patients still face a very poor prognosis.

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