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19, November, 2016

Thanking our Crowdfunding Campaign Donors

We would like to thank warmly all the people that very kindly donated to our crowdfunding campaign for childhood brain cancer over the summer.

It’s been a very exciting and rewarding experience!

We are very pleased to confirm that, even though we did not hit our original fundraising targets, we managed to increase our international visibility and to receive some off-line donations during the campaign. As a result, we have raised sufficient funds to be able to run the first stage of laboratory testing of our potential drug repurposing candidates for Medulloblastoma.

We are now in the process of working with the testing lab, the Texas Children Hospital, to define the project details and the final compound selection. We will be happy to report on the progress in due course.

We would like to thank once again all the campaign donors. Our gratitude, behalf of children with brain cancer, goes to (random order):

Deepika Kassen, Roberta Pal, Nora Miskolczi, Craig Smith, Libbie Read, Nagy Máté, Claire Rowan, Krishna Bulusu, Nadezda Kovalevskaya, Delia Perry, Alicja Malysiak, Zoe Binner, Jeremy Harrod, Heather Ellam, Helen Fox, Alessia Uslenghi, Jo Balfour, Claire Leprevost, Mark Woodbridge, William Eaton, Graham Archer, Christopher Copland, Angelo Ricci, Graziella Miduri, Beate Wulff, Sandra Gass, Jean Laugel, Paul Lammers, Richard Jones, Kristin Liezenga, Rowan Deacon, Luca Emili, Véronique Vidal, Salvatore Valenti, Philip Hall, Yolanda and Marion Augustin. Mirco Tonin, Antonio Drolapas, Florim Maxharraj, Iraklis Evangelinos, Jackie McCallum, Terence Smith, Csilla Andreko, Caroline d'Auria, Caroline d'Auria, Balázs Sepsey, Attila Csongrady, Martin Knorr, Ute Jacobi, Angelo Grampa, Rowan Deacon, Richard Shaw, Pál Jalsovszky, Gianluca Alicino, Laura Turner, Joanne Taylor, Kinga Novak, Jonathan Milner, Dominique Laugel, Peter Crofts, Augustine O'Donnell, Richard Smith, Monica Mota, Dan Mason, Jeffrey Skolnik, Michael Mathias, Deborah Binner, Patrick Lynch, Fiona Nielsen, Pál Sass, Claudio Angione, Jason Mogg, Daniel O'Donovan, Katalin Tóth, Daniel Torsher, Narissa Gipp, Zsuzsa Andrékó, Akos Nagy, Kristof Ferenczi, Tim Guilliams, Rakesh Gupta, Evgenia Mengou, Anne Goeres

Well done, guys!

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