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Scientific Evalutation

R&D Evaluation Platform for Paediatric Oncology Drugs

The success of any R&D strategy  is fundamentally dependent on the creation of a sound scientific evaluation platform, which will allow aPODD to select and prioritize the programmes with the best chances of success.  

This platform is made of two main components:

1)      Theoretical/Virtual Component – It consists of tools and technologies for predicting pharmacological effects of known drugs and assessing the probability of efficacy in selected childhood cancers.  This is achieved by contracting with selected technology companies offering services in the area of molecular modelling, gene profiling databases, systems biology, data mining and clinical trials retrospective analysis. These companies will apply their methodologies to select and prioritize drugs for possible use in paediatric oncology.

2)      Experimental Component – It consist of laboratory testing capabilities at the pre-clinical level (in vitro, in vivo efficacy models and toxicity studies)


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Childhood Cancer Statistics

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for children in the developed world, Despite undeniable medical progress, achieved through international collaborations within the paediatric oncology community, a great many young cancer patients face a very poor prognosis and too many children continue to die of cancer every year.

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