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Help us help children, and help the world. Chldren cannot fight cancer alone.

The time for action is NOW!

Currently, cancer is the leading cause of death for children in most developed countries throughout the world.

We can only save children’s lives if we get better therapies to treat their cancers.

We understand the gaps in the drug development process. The quality and expertise of the aPODD Foundation’s team, combined with our strategic partnerships, will ensure the maximum return on your donations.

By supporting aPODD, you are funding specific development efforts to make new children’s drugs available, not generic scientific research.

But there's even more to that. If successful, the aPODD Foundation will serve as a drug development model for many other rare diseases, thereby stimulating similar initiatives in multiple areas.


If you share our goals and would like to support aPODD in the development of new drugs for children or would simply like to know more about our activities, please contact us at info@apoddfoundation.org


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More ambitious collaborative models are needed - Open Letter
We often hear from childhood cancer charities calls for deeper and wider collaborations among key stakeholders. I fully agree that collaborations are beneficial but I do feel that we must further...
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What you need to know

Childhood cancers facts

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for children in the developed world, with the global incidence projected to increase dramatically over the next decades. Despite cure rates of 70-80% for many cancers, a subset of patients still face a very poor prognosis.

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