Are you interested in starting a drug repurposing project? 

Do you want to challenge the world of medical research and do something different?

If so we are looking for visionaries to work with us. The lack of new innovative drugs to treat children with cancer will not be solved by putting more money into basic science.

If we want to see a change we must start doing things differently and that’s the aPODD approach. We have access to some of the very latest technology and childhood cancer experts to create projects that will lead to new treatments being identified.

By working together on drug repurposing projects, we can quickly and efficiently identify drugs that can be used to treat children with cancer. 


How we can help, we have the right connections

Access to key opinion leaders across the world

Offer scientific and drug discovery advice

Regulatory support

Join our advocacy work, the more voices 

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Non-profit partnership

We are keen to partner with other non-profit organisations and childhood cancer charities to identify potential new treatments. Over recent years, we have gained strong drug development expertise and identified a wide network of technology providers and academic centres. We are happy to share this knowledge and resources with any organisations wishing to invest in innovative drug repurposing projects.

If you want to find new treatments but don’t know where to start, then get in touch.

Industry — Biotech & Pharma partnership

We are happy to discuss potential partnerships for drug repurposing projects. We are particularly interested in abandoned compounds, which may find a new life in paediatric oncology indications. We have established connections with international clinical trial networks and key opinion leaders in a number of different childhood cancers. We’re keen to support pharma industry efforts in the paediatric oncology arena and ensure patients are involvement at every stage.

If you are working in paediatric oncology drug development and are looking for a charity partner we’d love to hear from you.