Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs Global Forum 2018 November 1 & 2

Rarebase, a networking portal that links people throughout the world with an interest in rare and paediatric diseases, is hosting the Rare Disease and Orphan Drug Global Forum 2018.

This conference brings together individuals, organisations, industry and investors from across the globe, to help the experts in the field of paediatric and rare disease  to work together in order to improve treatment options for rare disease patients.

The two-day meeting will cover all the aspects of rare diseases and orphan drugs development: from epidemiology, prevalence and incidence, awareness, diagnosis, mis-diagnosis, development of novel therapies and relevant endpoints, investment options, the clinical and regulatory processes, up to discussions of reimbursement and policy.

The interactive format of this event will enable attendees to find potential matches for collaboration, investmtent and/or strategic partnerships.


aPODD Chairman, Dr Cesare Spadoni, will be attending and speaking at the forum. More information to follow.

Narissa Gipp