Clinical Trials Summit, 29 - 30 April 2019, Barcelona

Clinical Trial Summit (CTS 19) is an ideal program for novice clinical researchers, including investigators, coordinators, and trial monitors, to develop the foundational knowledge upon which they can develop their competence as clinical research professionals. The program is perfect for those interested in the profession or indirectly involved in clinical trials.

aPODD Chairman, Dr Cesare Spadoni, will be attending the conference and is presenting on the topic of including adolescents in adult clinical trials. A topic which we are passionate about at aPODD. We are proud members of the ACCELERATE - platform FAIR Trials working group. As we want to see changes in the regulatory system and get children access to new drugs faster.

The aim of the is to support those who are working to educate the public about clinical research and to raise awareness of clinical trials and the clinical research profession.

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Narissa Gipp