Health Horizons Future Healthcare Forum, 26-27 June 2019, Cambridge UK.


Health Horizons is a high calibre, two-day conference focusing on the future of the healthcare industry.

Over the previous 20 years we have seen a significant change in the healthcare industry. Small molecules have been pushed out of the blockbuster limelight by biologics. Decreasing sequencing cost has allowed more targeted R&D and the use of increasingly interdisciplinary data to influence prognosis has become standard practice. All of this points to a healthcare future with an increasingly personalized approach.

Dr Cesare Spadoni is attending and presenting at this conference, the title of his presentation is, Managing Cancer: Prevention, Early Detection and Future Therapies in Oncology. And will be sharing the work of aPODD and how we’re committed to using new technology to gain children with cancer access to new treatments fast.

Themes include novel therapeutic approaches (viruses, RNA, gene & cell therapy, tissue replacement), digital health, AI and data in healthcare, new models for funding healthcare innovation to name a few.

If you would like to meet with Dr Spadoni and hear more about the work of aPODD click below.

Narissa Gipp